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Together for now, forever always

I love it when she waves back

Space Cadet like:

Her presence jolts you back

Into the elementary school dance.

Legs shut, arms crossed; shut down,

But eye contact stays.

You hope and pray for a miracle.

Just the thought gives you goosebumps

And you try and hide your smirk.

Her bleach blonde hair is a canvas

To the heartbreaking lipstick.

She humbly wants the attention,

I look at her.

I'm brought back to the time

I went to the science museum

And looked at space in an observatory.

I see everything.

When she smiles

The jungle roars in fury

To their alpha.

The paint brush, feather like,

Olympic dives into her instincts

Receiving a perfect score.

You understand what it means to


You listen for hearing only.

She's like going on a long road trip

With your best friend

And the weather is constantly dusk.

She's your favorite color.

She's when your mom tucks you in;

Starting from the feet up,

Ending at your shoulders.

You’re safe from any monsters because

She already checked under the bed

And the closet.

She's your favorite movie, food, and music.

When we swim,

I usually lay on my back

With minimal leg movement

Soaking up chlorine.

She's a needed Forrest fire.

I watch it from a distance with ecstatic fear

That it reaches me.

All of us pray for the end of the world

Because it's the best thing

That could happen.

Heaven wouldn't be as worthy

If it weren't for hell

So, give me a reason to fight.

You're the perfect ending

To a terrible day.

When I ask for you,

Substitution brings a Gin and Tonic,

The satisfaction lingers.

Your ice concentrates as I drink you.

Your hair speaks for you

So your ego doesn't.

My daydreams have become specific,

I no longer wander.

Be my cabin, hide with me in Aspen

Let the cold winter days warm us

And sing with me a lullaby:

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