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Originally from Denver, Colorado, and now in the creative heart of Los Angeles,  Austin Minard is a director, writer, and actor in theater and film. His academic foundation was laid with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater, further enriched by the experiences at The National Theatre Institute. 

On stage he's been seen embodying a diverse array of characters, from the stoic Aeneas in "Trojan Women: A Love Story" to the valorous Sergeant York in "Pirates of Penzance," and the whimsical Paul Sycamore in "You Can’t Take It With You." His start in New York has been adorned with significant roles in off-Broadway productions, immersive theater engagements with Vortex Theater and Rara Avis Productions, and leading roles in short films.

In the latest chapter of his career, Los Angeles has welcomed him with open arms, offering opportunities to engage as a full-time immersive performer with JFI Productions, as well as a immersive writer and director in his freelance work. Collaborating with giants like Universal Studios, Amazon, Disney+, and Peacock, he continues to expand his horizons in film and theatre.

Beyond his passion for performance, he is deeply committed to the art of creation. In 2014, He conceived and launched "Fear Walk: A Haunted Interactive Experience" in Ithaca, NY, a theatrical and immersive adventure that captivated audiences until 2016. Since then, he has been a major proponent for original, immersive work that gives audiences a unique perspective on the world and themselves.

In essence, he is a storyteller seeking to weave magic both on stage and through the camera lens, driven by an undying passion for creating and sharing stories that resonate, inspire, and entertain.

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